The Hancock was the most famous of the Furious-class carriers. The ship gained its reputation as a prominent warship during the Polygamy Wars. It also saw combat during the Liberation of Amargosa.

Famous pilots who served aboard the Hancock include Cui 'Dragon' Jiao-longEileen 'Old Bird' BurkeCui 'Little Wing/Suicide' Yun, Quentin 'Reaper' Austin, and, briefly as a trainee on the Interceptor fighter, JT 'Little Wing/Mad Hermit' Austin*.

*Suicide gave JT her original call sign. After a brief parting of the ways, JT returned to sporadic active duty and work as a contractor with the call sign “Mad Hermit,” though he never served aboard the Hancock with that call sign.

Appearances: Storming AmargosaSuicide Run