Goshenites, technically, were inhabitants of Goshen, a colony world of Deseret. In more common usage, Goshenite referred to radical polygamists on the planet who started the Polygamy Wars. Their beliefs stemmed from the polygamist sects of the Mormon Church. However, they also held the parent church, which did not sanction polygamy, nor did they respect the more tradition polygamist sects on Deseret. Starting a civil conflict first on their own world, then spreading it to Deseret, they eventually reached out to the rest of the Compact, which responded with force. Many of the Goshenite movement’s leaders wound up on Io, in the Jovian Federation to do hard labor.

Years after the Polygamy Wars ended, Goshenite holdouts still squatted on out-of-the-way asteroids and uninhabited planets. Often, when such places proved to be claimed by an entity or core world, the Compact military would often have to remove them.

Appearances: Second WaveFlight Blade