Germanicus Class

Type:  Capital Ship

Derivative Classes:  Prometheus, Augustus Caesar, Endeavour

Polity: Compact of Humanity in Assembly, Metisian Republic

Service: Compact Navy, Republic Navy


The Germanicus class was a newer class of starship begun as a proof of concept. In 428 IE by the Compact Navy. Constructed by Dasarius Interstellar, the original ship was named for CFO and oldest employee Tol Germanicus. Despite the honor, Germanicus objected to use of his name. The first commissioned vessel of the class, built for Metis, was christened Prometheus. The first few ships bore this name.

Germanicus and its derivative classes pioneered new hull designs, discreet projection drive, adaptability to warp drive, and rapid construction techniques. A few core world leaders quipped Germanicus himself invented the interstellar equivalent of the payday loan to finance ships funded and partially claimed by core worlds. In addition to the Prometheus, Metis authorized construction of the Minerva, Bova, and, after secession, the Diana Jovann and Tyler Wat, these last two slated to protected Amargosa. Bromdar commissioned the Anna Khirovsky while Bonaparte built the Queen Maria Sophia and Chief Iron Cloud.

Etrusca commissioned three expanded variants by 431 IE, the class ship Augustus Caesar, the Marcus Aurelius, and the Hadrian. Tian then backed design and construction of the largest variant of the Germanicus-class, the first ship of which would be christened the Endeavour.



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