Gene Klament

Gene Klament was an early adopter of rejuvenation technology, believed, as of 429 IE to be the second oldest man alive after Tol Germanicus. He was born in the early twenty-first century in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada near the beginning of the century. Suri Mongano, the oldest Sapiens woman alive in 429 IE, had a long-term relationship with him beginning during the trials for periodic rejuvenation. By the time both volunteered for the Orag‘s permanent rejuvenation, both were well over two centuries old. Suri was the only patient in the trial to successfully complete the therapy, with eight others dying, two disintegrating into protoplasm.

Klament nearly died from the experimental treatment granting him amortality and permanent rejuvenation. Treatment on Gohem saved him. He disappeared upon his return to Earth near the end of the Earth-Mars War. He was last spotted alive on Thule.

Klament’s name came up as founder of JunoCorp during investigations run by Quentin Austin and Douglas Best. Best, along with High Normaj Jayne used the connection to Richard Byrd University as a starting point to trace his movements and location. Best and the High Normaj followed the trail back to Gohem, where Klament spent a year recovering from organ rejection due to the Sapiens’ inability to naturally accept Orag treatment. He returned to Sapiens space as the Earth-Mars War raged. According to those who knew him at both the Paendargoem and Byrd University, he became angrily obsessed with Steven Turing.

Klament put in an appearance in Armaneya City to solicit the cooperation of Nolan Rosc. He claimed to have access to ships Hanar could buy. Rosc was skeptical, even after Klament paid his bar tab for the day.


Appearances: The AmortalsThe Exile