Furious-class Starship

Type:  Carrier

Polity:  Compact of Humanity in Assembly

Service:  Navy

The Furious class was a capital ship deployed in the 400s by the Compact. Designed as a platform for combat and support spacecraft, it drew inspiration from aircraft carriers of the blue water fleets of the pre-Interstellar Era. Unlike the Woodrow Wilson class, which merely copied the lines of aircraft carriers, engineers focused on carrier functionality.

Carriers were instrumental to Compact victories in the Laputan War and the Polygamy Wars. The class ship, Furious, was named for the first true aircraft carrier, the HMS Furious from Britain’s Royal Navy. Subsequent ships drew their names from aircraft carriers throughout the World War Era.

As of 435, carriers were still in service with new ships under construction.

Notable Examples:


Ark Royal




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