Frank Volkoff

Frank Volkoff was a Cybercommand enlistee, rank S-5, sent to Hanar in 433 IE. He approached JT Austin with evidence of Suicide‘s involvement with Cubism. However, Volkoff showed a photograph of Suicide at a Cubist retreat on Amargosa at a farm Austin himself helped rebuild. It was enough, however, to cause a rift between him and Suicide.

Bornag arrested a man named Rothmoor as the one who shot at JT and Elizabeth Windsor. A search of his cubetel room yielded a chip obfuscation band revealing “Volkoff” was actually Rothmoor, a Cubist.

O-6 Weiss learned through intelligence that Rothmoor had killed Volkoff and assumed his identity. A trace on his background revealed that he not only was a Cubist but also a former employee of JunoCorp. He had been the agent who arranged the aborted invasion of Anacreon.