Feltan Bornag

Feltan Bornag was a Gelt Warrior serving under Orias Palak on Hanar, formerly Gilead. Palak assigned him as a bodyguard to Lattus Tishla when she sought to resolve the conflict between humans and Gelt. Tishla ordered him to treat her as a prisoner before the Sovereign of the Realm during her challenge against Laral Jorl. She offered the humans two choices: Use her claim on the former colony of Gilead to rebuild or literally take her head.

At the beginning of his service to Tishla, he had a full head of hair, stating he would tattoo his scalp in the Warrior tradition when they would permit him to tattoo his family crest before anything else.

When Tishla nearly died by an assassins bullet, he assisted Trevor Colt with the investigation. He was present when, after learning her twins had been targeted with a bio-weapon in the bullet, Tishla vowed to personally kill Laral Umish.

When Jeris Mar revealed that Laral Umish bought the weapon and ammunition to hand to Nolan Rosc, Bornag voiced concerns about Tishla’s wilingness to use torture. However, he also searched Jeris’s ship and went with Colt to arrest Rosc.

Bornag, along with Colt and Orias Palak, trained Tishla in anticipation of traveling to Amargosa. She intended to kill Laral Umish.

During Tishla’s meeting with Athena Jovann, he stood guard with Mitsuko Yamato, telling her he looked forward to sparring with her. His opinion of the local humans’ sword skills were not very high. He later participated in an operation to escort Admirals Eileen Burke and Quentin Austin to negotiate with human separatists. However, the Compact Navy unit was ambushed, resulting in the abduction of the admirals. He later helped rescue them.

By 430 IE, he had shaved his head in the Warrior tradition, presumably because Orias Palak permitted him to tattoo his family crest. He also tattooed a caricature of Tishla in a show of loyalty. At Suicide‘s request, he frequently sparred with JT Austin to teach him Gelt sword techniques. He told JT that he found humans’ method of reproduction disgusting. He also agreed that most sex was disgusting and that primates, including Gelt, would never do it if it didn’t feel so good.

In 433, during a state visit by newly elevated King Edward of Bonaparte, JT Austin and Elizabeth Windsor nearly died in an assassination attempt. He moved them to the Residence for both questioning and safety. He contacted JT and told him he had sent information about their suspect ahead to Amargosa. The person he arrested, however, was S-5 Frank Volkoff.


Appearances: Tishla, Flight BladeStorming Amargosa