Dr. Bradley

Dr. Bradley was a Thulian physician aboard the Bova in 432 IE. He oversaw care for Jayne Best after her captivity on Walton. Additionally, he served as JT Austin‘s physician as Austin recuperated from a gunshot wound sustained while rescuing Madam Best.

Bradley considered his trip to Thule to be one-way due to the difficulty in reaching the isolated planet. Many assumed he was an old man, puzzled as he came from a world where everyone permanently rejuvenated. His appearance, however, was largely intentional to give the appearance of age. Close examination revealed him to be physically thirty years old, though likely, he was well over a hundred. He revealed to Suicide he was part of the Thulian Project to make humans biologically amortal. In doing so, he described Juno as a cancer on humanity, wanting to commodotize amortality and undo everything done to push humanity beyond its violent past.

With Suicide, he was ordered to come with no one else to escort Jayne Best to the surface of Thule. There, he handed off the case to Dr. Capaldi, but remained on Thule to assist.

Bradley is named for actor David Bradley, who played the First Doctor in Peter Capaldi’s final episode of Doctor Who.


Appearances: Suicide Run