Constituent Authority

A Constituent Authority refers to a full member of theĀ Compact. It is used interchangeably with “core world” but is a broader term to encompass members that are not planets, their moon systems, or similar celestial objects. The Compact defines a Constituent Authority as “not less than a single continent and not more than a star system. A constituent authority encompassing the whole of a star system shall not include any binary, trinary, or similar stars orbiting the system unless the affected planets orbit all stars in the greater system.” Additionally, the Compact forbids more than two constituent authorities per planet in an effort to discourage breakaway regions or nation-states from joining the Compact separately.

All core worlds are constituent authorities and send two Delegates to the Compact Assembly. Additionally, permanent and members chosen at the start of each session send their senior Delegates to the Security Council, which functions as an upper legislative house.

Technically, the Jovian Federation of Sol is a constituent authority, not a core world, though the latter term has frequently been used since its founding to refer to it.