Carolyn Best

Carolyn Best (388-429 IE, resurrected 430 IE), born Carolyn Carver) was the first wife of Douglas Best, a Jefivan official who became a delegate to the Compact Assembly in 429 IE. When their apartment in Quantonesia suffered an explosion, she was diverted to the local Marilynist temple, which would serve as a safe house under the watch of High Normaj Jayne, Earth‘s senior Marilynist cleric. Jayne offered to induct her husband and Carolyn into the Temple, a rite that included making love to a cleric as initiation, but did not press the issue. Carolyn, nonetheless, approved of staying in the Temple until it was safe to venture out.

After a dinner where Jayne revealed herself to be 187 years old with the body of a mature teenage girl, Carolyn suggested her husband fake becoming a Marilynist to cover his trip to Richard Byrd University in Antarctica.

Upon the death of Alain Vanever and Douglas’s promotion to the Compact Security Council, Jefivah named Carolyn its interim junior delegate. Jayne scheduled Best to go with her to Gohem while Carolyn would travel to Bromdar to re-examine Hatch. Before she could travel, though, she had to attend, as the junior delegate, a Compact Security Council emergency meeting after Bromdar suffered a catastrophic nuclear attack, a reprisal by the Realm for a Compact attack on one of its colonies. While interviewing executives at Hatch, Carolyn was killed in a second nuclear attack, this one on the city of Krupp.

Carolyn, however, had a resurrection chip secretly implanted. During her husband’s permanent rejuvenation, she was able to interact with him while he remained unconscious. In a dreamlike state, she made love to him as a way to say goodbye. She also told him he needed to stay with Jayne both because of her sacrifice and to protect her.

Germanicus resurrected her into his construct, Brigid, making her Homo syntheticus. Because of the change in appearance and the lag between her death and resurrection, she assumed the identity of Marilyn Germanicus.


Appearances: The Amortals