Calpurnia Barratus

Calpurnia Barratus was an Etruscan politician who originally served as delegate to the Compact Assembly and Compact Security Council in 430 IE. A political rival of Secretary-General Baker ibn-Aziz, she was nominated as an alternative candidate for provisional president upon ratification of the president revision to the Compact.

Despite their professional rivalry, Barratus and ibn-Aziz had a warm personal relationship and would occasionally talk business over drinks or dinner. They had even been intimate a few times.

Barratus was invited to the war room by ibn-Aziz to sit in on live updates for the Liberation of Amargosa. During a follow up to the vote on the presidential revision, she put forward a measure to give the two fallen Martian colonies of Farigha and Amargosa to Metis. The measure passed but did not satisfy Metis’s demands to allow Gilead to become the independent world of Hanar.

Upon ibn-Aziz’s accession to the new presidency, she became deputy secretary-general. She annoyed Marcus Leitman by demonstrating a cooperation with the new president.


Appearances: Storming Amargosa