Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence refers to a spectrum of technologies from machine learning devices and applications to fully conscious entities. In the decades following the AI War, the United Nations adopted the Artificial Intelligence Accords of 2219, limiting the abilities and capacity of artificial intelligences. Homo sapiens intended to prevent the rise of another AI like Steven Turing from gaining control again.

The rovers on Farigha used a limited form of artificial intelligence. These had interfaces, some of which were based on humans who used the vehicles and allowed a simulation of human conversation with the occupants. John Farno, while stranded on Farigha, loaded such an interface based on a terraformer named Julie Seding. As Farno delegated more and more functions to the Seding-fronted AI, it grew into an independent entity fully aware its own existence was illegal.

As of 429, the vast majority of artificial intelligences are considered “nice and stupid,” meaning they mimic the human brain, but they are not likely to overthrow their masters.

Appearances: No Marigolds in the Promised Land