Armaneya City

Armaneya City was a city that orbited Ramcat, at the edge of the Laputan Guardianship. Locals named the city for the planet’s original moon, which exploded eight centuries prior to 429 IE. A station that rotated for artificial gravity, it had been built from the original moon’s debris. The station consisted of five cylinders with gaps between sections to allow access to the central hub. Each cylinder had fewer decks as one moved toward the center, allowing unobstructed views from the outermost cylinder.

Nolan Rosc traveled there to recruit Sapiens settlers for Hanar.

Armaneya City had a thriving online black market dubbed by humans as “ViceNet,” selling anything from sex to contraband to illicit substances. The Guardian’s Peacekeepers turned a blind eye to it, considering it part of the orbital city’s economy.

Appearances: The Exile