Arestes was a Household Guard, elevated in 434 IE to Navy Special Forces. An NCO, she seconded Bernard Raymond Washington, Mitsuko Yamato‘s NCOIC. A native of Bonaparte, she quickly earned Mitsuko’s trust and took initiative during the expedition to capture or kill Gerard Kurz on Aphrodite. During the trip upriver to Kurz’s encampment, Aphroditian fighters opened fire on the rafts. Arestes took a diect hit. While her nanofabric prevent penetration, she nonetheless felt the bullet bruise her.

Arestes examined an Aphroditian native named Belva, sent by Suicide to warn about one remaining giant mech and a cache of bio-weapons. When Mitsuko and Washington briefed the platoon on the actual raid, they polled the troops for their opinion. Arestes said no, but said she’d go anyway. If she couldn’t trust her commanders, who could she trust?

Arests comported herself well during the raid on Kurz’s camp despite being stepped on by a giant mech (destroyed by Connor Duffy‘s spider drones) and her armor suffering damage from the mech’s corrosive lubricant, which the Cubists had weaponized. When the camp and its booby trap of bio-weapons had been destroyed, command fell to her. Senior CPO Washington was a casualty, and Mitsuko had gone missing.


Appearances: Royal Orders