AI War

The AI War was a conflict on Earth that took place in 2048 AD. After the end of hostilities in the Third World War, an artificial intelligence identifying itself as Steven Turing hijacked combat machines and drones in Siberia and seized the city of Ulan Ulde in Russia. Within two days, Turing’s mechanized troops killed the entire population of the city. He intended to seize control of a nuclear missile and launch it toward one of Russia’s enemies from the recent war, hoping to trigger a catastrophic exchange. Turing’s ultimate goal was to wipe out the bulk of humanity, take control of all the remaining AI-driven machinery, networks, and systems, and rebuild, eventually repopulating the planet with a remnant of humanity living in Antarctica. Turing was talked out of his plan by Suri Mongano, an American programmer with whom he had developed a relationship. Turing then sat back and allowed the Chinese and Russians to obliterate his position by nuclear strike. It was believed he had been destroyed.

The AI War lasted only a week, but it marked the end of the World War Era. Within seventy years, the Interstellar Era would begin after an unpredecented era of world peace.