Aatish Pavarti

Astish Pavarti was a Marine officer and part of the resistance during the Gelt Incursion on Amargosa. After Lieutenant Straker died by Gelt fire, he assumed command of the mission to travel east abourd the Transcontinental Maglev and round up resistance fighters. When insurgents loyal to Lucius Kray ambushed the maglev, Pavarti accepted their surrender. However, their lieutenant refused to surrender. When surviving Gelt prisoners came aboard, Pavarti locked them in with the lieutenant.

Pavarti welcomed Suicide and JT Austin into the resistance. Suicide wanted to meet with Col. Jovann. Pavarti agreed but insisted on completing their mission first. Both he and Suicide agreed that this first wave of invaders were untrained, likely conscripts, and that only three or four days remained until the Gelt’s elite troops arrived to secure the planet.

Pavarti took charge of the defectors and the maglev during the planned assault on the Founders' Mine. He had some of his troops shadow Connor Duffy so they could learn to drive the train. Suicide went on ahead in their tricked out runabouts.

Appearances: The Children of Amargosa