The Compact Universe

The Compact Universe

No Marigolds in the Promised Land

Compact Universe #0: 40 light years from the nearest human is no way to survive. But John Farno's gonna try after his world ends.

The Magic Root

Compact Universe #1: Beware the alien with a potato. When a strange alien present Kai and Tishla with one, interstellar war can only follow.

The Marilynists

Compact Universe #2: Seven weapons go missing as Douglas Best prepares a homeworld for a cult to Marilyn Monroe.

Gimme Shelter

Compact Universe #3: For JT Austin, running away seemed like a good idea at the time, until he got stranded at the edge of human space.

Broken Skies

Compact Universe #4: Admiral Quentin Austin learns that the reason he lost 9000 people over Amargosa is closer to Earth than he thought.


Compact Universe #5: True FTL is here, invented by a dwarf and powered by sarcasm. But can humanity handle it?



Compact Universe #6: Only she can unite human and Gelt on a distant colony. But someone wants to kill her before she succeeds.


The Amargosa Trilogy

The Children of Amargosa

Amargosa #1: Childhood ends the night the sky explodes. Six teenagers from different backgrounds are thrown together when an unknown species seizes their world.

Amargosa: Second Wave

Coming February, 2018

JT, Davra, and Suicide cross an occupied Amargosa to reach a fallen starship. But a new life form has other ideas.


Storming Amargosa

Amargosa #3: Coming 2018

Compact Universe Shorts


Indulging in the forbidden arts of AI just to impress a girl.