The Compact Universe

The Compact Universe

No Marigolds in the Promised Land

Compact Universe #0: 40 light years from the nearest human is no way to survive. But John Farno's gonna try after his world ends.

The Roots of War

Seeds of War #1: Beware the alien with a potato. When a strange alien present Kai and Tishla with one, interstellar war can only follow.

The Marilynists

Compact Universe #2: Seven weapons go missing as Douglas Best prepares a homeworld for a cult to Marilyn Monroe.

Gimme Shelter

Compact Universe #3: For JT Austin, running away seemed like a good idea at the time, until he got stranded at the edge of human space.

Coming soon

Broken Skies

Compact Universe #4: Admiral Quentin Austin learns that the reason he lost 9000 people over Amargosa is closer to Earth than he thought.


Compact Universe #5: True FTL is here, invented by a dwarf and powered by sarcasm. But can humanity handle it?



Compact Universe #6: Only she can unite human and Gelt on a distant colony. But someone wants to kill her before she succeeds.


The Amargosa Trilogy

The Children of Amargosa

Childhood ends the night the sky explodes. Six teenagers from different backgrounds are thrown together when an unknown species seizes their world.

Amargosa: Second Wave

JT, Davra, and Suicide cross an occupied Amargosa to reach a fallen starship.

But a new life form has other ideas. And not every enemy is Gelt. Some are human.

Storming Amargosa

Amargosa #3: Coming 2018

Compact Universe Shorts


Indulging in the forbidden arts of AI just to impress a girl.