The Compact Universe

“So how do I read this series?” you might ask. Is it necessary to read all of them to know what’s going on?

While I like to compare this to Game of Thrones, I try to write each story so you don’t have to know what happened in one to understand another. Of course, with a series this complex, that’s not always possible, try as I might.

So here is the reading order for the series with each story arc…

No Marigolds in the Promised Land

Compact Universe 0. Currently available only for newsletter subscribers. Will be published by Clayborn Press in late 2019 or 2020. While not necessary to get the rest of the series, it does provide a pretty good primer on all things Compact Universe.

The Seeds of War Arc

The Roots of War
The Marilynists
Gimme Shelter

All three books available in paperback in the Seeds of War Omnibus

The Children of Amargosa – The Amargosa Arc Book 1

The Home Front Arc

Broken Skies

Second Wave – The Amargosa Arc Book 2

The Gathering Storm Arc

The Amortals – Coming March, 2020
The Exile – Coming April, 2020
Flight Blade – Coming May, 2020

Storming Amargosa – The Amargosa Arc Book 3
Coming July, 2020