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TS Hottle is a science fiction writer originally from Cleveland. By night, he writes, cooks, golfs, plays video games with his future stepson, and fights with a cat named Tearyon. By day, he is a software developer. Sometimes, he wins against the cat, but not often.

For fifteen years, he wrote crime fiction under the name Jim Winter. Now he has returned to his first love, science fiction He has created The Compact Universe, a series of loosely connected space opera tales centered around humans' disastrous first contact with a species known as the Gelt.

He lives in the Cincinnati suburb of Deer Park with his fiancee Candy and her son. When not writing or cooking, they both can be found fixing up their newly purchased Cape Cod. Which has a deck. Which makes TS very happy.

TS Hottle

The Children of Amargosa

Childhood ends the night the sky explodes. Davra Andraste falls from orbit to Amargosa as she flees from the aliens who've come to seize the planet.

JT Austin, who ran away from what he thought was a horrible life on Earth, is now running away from aliens who want to kill him and everyone around him.

They each endure harrowing journeys dodging a warlord, alien berserkers, wild animals, and even a nuclear blast to meet up with the resistance. They have to become adults far sooner than they expected.


Once a slave, she is now the sole claimant to the stolen world of Hanar. Her claim comes from her unborn twins. She knows a great evil was committed to steal this world from the original human colonists. So she gives them a choice: Accept her as leader or execute her for the crimes of her people.

When she attempts to unite the two warring species to form a new world, someone has different ideas. And while she is a benevolent leader, the galaxy is about to find out that Hell hath no fury like a mother whose children are threatened.

No Marigolds in the Promised Land

Stranded on Mars? Hell, NASA's just one planet over.

Stranded 40 light years from the nearest human? Now we have a problem.

It's a problem John Farno must solve alone. No communications, no functioning dome, his whole world is one battered rover and whatever supplies he can scavenge. And he has to figure out how to survive fast. Because someone has destroyed the world around him.

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The Compact Universe and The Amargosa Trilogy are TS Hottle's science fiction universe, space opera in the grand tradition of Neal Asher, David Weber, and plenty of Game of Thrones thrown in for good measure. (Except for the dragons. For now.)